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Report: New Batman May Start Shooting in Chicago Soon

Film could debut in 2012



    Director Chris Nolan and his brother Jonathan are working on the third installment of this generation of Dark Knight movies. Supposedly coming in 2012, with Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman still on board.

    Rabid Dark Knight fans are going batty over the prospect of a third Batman movie filming in Chicago this year.

    The Web site Batman on Film reports that location scouts are already out canvassing the city for Batman shooting spots.

    "[They] have been out and about in Chicago's Financial District," BOF’s tipster says.

    The news makes sense. First, Dark Knight, one of the highest grossing films ever, was shot almost completely in Chicago in 2007.

    Also, director Christopher Nolan was reportedly asked by Syncopy Films to shift his attention from Inception, a thriller starring Leo DiCaprio, to Batman Redemption.

    At this point, it's mainly rumor, but it could mean that Batman Redemption will start shooting later on this year. 

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