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Prepare for Fare Hikes: RTA

RTA says fare hikes could come as early as next year



    Prepare for Fare Hikes: RTA

    Commuting could get more costly in Chicago and its suburbs.

    The Regional Transit Authority, the entity that oversees the CTA, Pace and Metra, says there's a high probability they'll be hiking fares next year, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Officials from the agency said a deteriorating infrastructure and the state's failure to make good on a $300 million debt have forced their hand.

    The CTA will have to cut 70 positions and trim the budget by $50 million. That means likely scrapping projects such as the planned Red Line extension into the south suburbs.

    Metra is in a similar position and may have to scrap some service and expansion improvements, the RTA said.

    CTA, Metra and Pace -- who decide their own budgets -- will need to balance their budgets this year with about $150 million in federal funds that were intended for maintaining equipment, officials said.

    The CTA has a deal with the state not to increase fares.  

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