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Pump And Dash Suspects Caught After Asking For Directions



    Porter County Sheriff's Department
    Police say Jernanna Gardner asked a gas station clerk for directions while Damion Wilson pumped gas they didn't pay for.

    If you're going to steal something, it's probably best not to tell the clerk where you're headed.

    But that's exactly what police say a Merrillville woman did at a Valpraiso gas station Thursday.

    According to the Northwest Indiana Times, 31-year-old Jernanna Gardner asked the clerk a the Admiral Petroleum for directions to the Social Security office on Eastporte Centre Drive.

    While she was speaking with the clerk, the passenger in her car, 31-year-old Damion Wilson, pumped $42 worth of gas. The clerk told police that Gardner went back to the car and drove off without paying.

    After police failed to find the suspects in the immediate area, the clerk told officers that she had given directions to the Social Security office, and that's where the suspects were found.

    Police say Gardner claimed that she didn't know Wilson had pumped the gas, but police say their stories didn't add up, according to the newspaper.

    Gardner was charged with theft and Wilson was arrested on an outstanding warrant.