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Poll: Chicago Is Full of Ugly, Stupid People

And the weather stinks, too



    A recent magazine poll called Chicagoans unattractive, unfriendly, and unintelligent. But at least we have a great view!

    We're ugly, unsociable and stupid. But buck up, Chicago, at least we have a great view!

    Travel + Leisure magazine conducts an annual poll of American cities, and this year readers didn't give Chicago a lot of love.

    T+ L readers rated 30 American cities in several categories and Chicago ranked 20th in attractiveness, 19th in friendliness and 14th in intelligence. And, for the third straight year, we earned the 'honor' of having the worst weather.

    Why do we suddenly feel like the unpopular girl at prom?

    There was one saving grace for the Windy City: we ranked first when it came to skylines and views.

    Chicago also fared well in "food/dining," "shopping," and "culture" categories. It came in second place for luxury stores, big-name restaurants, and theater; third for museums, ethnic food, and public transportation; and fourth for neighborhood joints.

    Our fair city ranked in the top 10 for stylishness, diversity and as a "wild weekend" getaway. So, we're not very attractive, but we know how to party --- and shop.

    The complete results can be found at the magazine's website or in the November issue of Travel + Leisure.

    Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, has been called worse things.