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Police Stop to Smell and Inspect the Flowers at Daley Center

Garden-variety storage



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    The Taste of Chicago doesn't start for another few weeks, but that didn't stop vendors from braving the rain to test out their fare.

    Beep beep beep!

    We admit to sometimes forgetting about the change in our pocket or the buckle on our belt when going through airport security metal detectors.

    But there are more serious faux pas going on over at the Daley Center.

    Evidently, people forget that they must go through metal detectors in order to get into the building. Even though storage canisters are available for rent in the lower level, some visitors decide to stash their belongings in the concrete flower beds outside, reports the Sun-Times.

    But April showers bring May flowers inspected by schnauzers.

    Police conduct searches (often assisted by canines) through the flowers at least twice a day. They find innocent items—key chains, cameras, phone chargers—along with more questionable things like drugs, knives, and crack pipes.

    Authorities have even found an empty vodka bottle, they told the Sun-Times.

    We suppose that if you're going to court, you might need a drink. Or ten, apparently.

    "We even had an individual last week who had drugs in his pocket as he tried to enter the Daley Center," Lt. Kristin Marundetold the Sun-Times.

    "He said, 'These aren't my pants.'"

    Maybe he should have left those in the bushes, too.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.