More Than 800 Couples Apply for Civil Unions in June | NBC Chicago

More Than 800 Couples Apply for Civil Unions in June

Licenses generate an estimated $37,000 in state revenue



    Hundreds of Illinoisans have applied for civil union licenses since  they became available June 1.

    "It's thrilling to see so many happy couples getting licenses and celebrating their relationships," Cook County Clerk David Orr said in a statement, announcing more than 800 lisences in June. "My office is dedicated to making this milestone special for each and every couple."

    Orr said the the 831 licenses created $37,000 in revenue for the county.

    Although June 1 was the busiest day for those seeking licenses - 209 licenses were issued that day - civil unions kept up at a steady rate throughout the month, averaging around 30 per day.

    Of the total amount of licenses issued, 428 of the reported couples were female and 357 were male.

    More than 60 percent of the licenses were issued in Chicago. After Chicago, Evanston and Oak Park ranked as the highest percentage.