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Off Duty Firefighter Rescues Baby From Lake Michigan



    Lt. Steve O’Malley's wife took a picture of him on the 31st Street Harbor shortly after he dove into the lake to help rescue a baby.

    An off duty Chicago firefighter was deemed a hero Saturday afternoon after he rescued a baby that fell into Lake Michigan.

    Lt. Steve O’Malley was working on his boat at the 31st Street Harbor when he heard a woman scream that her baby was in the water, said Fire Media Affairs spokesperson Meg Ahlheim.
    O’Malley along with the child’s father jumped into Lake Michigan after seeing the stroller face down in the water and rescued the crying child.
    The baby escaped the fall without being harmed and was not hospitalized.
    “O’Malley is a great guy,” Ahlheim said.

    It is believed that a gust of wind caused the stroller to roll into the water, said Rosado, adding that it happened very quickly.

    The parents thanked the firefighter for saving the baby’s life, Fire Media Affairs spokesman Richard Rosado said. O’Malley was also invited to the barbecue that the parents were attending at the harbor.

    More than a dozen people at the barbecue also thanked him for his efforts, O’Malley said.