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Last String Dance: NU Rally Supports Coco

Former Conan O'Brien intern organizes campus-wide dance



    Former Conan O'Brien intern Tim McGovern organized the string dance rally.

    Conan O'Brien may be more popular now than when he had his show.

    Witness Friday's "Conan O’Brien Day" and string dance at Northwestern University.

    NU senior Tim McGovern, who interned twice for O'Brien, organized the event.

    "I thought that this would be a great way to just show my own personal support for today, being the last day at 'The Tonight Show’ for Conan," McGovern said.

    McGovern and a group of more than 40 students went to several locations on campus and performed the string dance, O'Brien's signature move, while chanting "Coco, Coco."

    "I think it was just a complete success. People to varying degrees of proficiency string danced their hearts out, and that's what we were looking for," McGovern said.

    McGovern said he plans to register the event to attempt to earn a world record for most people to do a string dance together, and be put in the "canon of pointless acts."

    O'Brien bid a teary farewell to the show on Friday night with musical guest Neil Young and actors Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell.

    Students Celebrate 'Conan O'Brien Day' at Northwestern from Northwestern News on Vimeo.