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New Area Code Hits Chicago on Saturday



    New Area Code Hits Chicago on Saturday
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    Daley's still going to have 312 number.

    Chicago, prime your dialing fingers. It’s about to get more complicated to make a call.

    This Saturday the city will officially start using the 872 area code.

    Don’t worry, your number isn’t changing, but your dialing habits will.  Residents will no longer be able to dial seven digits to reach a local number inside their same area code.

    When the new digits go into effect, locals will have to use an 11 digits to dial within the city – that means 1 plus the area code and the number to complete a call in the city.

    872? That's Not Sexy!

    [CHI] 872?  That's Not Sexy!
    Many Chicagoans seem less-than-impressed with the new overlay area code that takes effect Saturday.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009)

    The 872 code isn’t restricted by geography, so if you’re moving to the Loop just for the coveted 312 code, better luck next time

    The 312 area code currently serves the immediate downtown and Loop areas and the 773 area code serves the northern, western, and southern neighborhoods of Chicago. 872 will do both, with the three-digit prefix popping up in both area-code service areas.

    The city Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection advises residents and businesses to prepare for 11-digit dialing by making sure equipment with automatic dialing features is programmed with all 11-digits for each telephone number.