Naperville Man Lured Girls With Candy: Cops

After giving the girls each a chocolate bar, the man leaned over and licked one of them on the lips, police said

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    A 25-year-old Naperville man was charged with allegedly luring two young girls early Sunday evening into his home with chocolate.

    Police say Jose Jimenez-Alejo called out to the girls from a car and led them back to his nearby apartment on the 1200 block of Whispering Hills Court in Naperville. The victims followed him to his bedroom where he offered them each a chocolate bar.

    After giving them the candy he leaned over and licked one of the girls on the lips. Both girls immediately ran away from the suspect’s home.

    One of the girls told their mother who then contacted Naperville police. A subsequent investigation by responding officers resulted in the arrest of the suspect.

    Jimenez-Alejo was charged with battery and child abduction.