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Naperville Homes Looted While Owners Sleep

Police investigating second rash of burglaries over past month



    (Published Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013)

    The Naperville Police Department is investigating a rash of residential home burglaries throughout the city.

    Authorities say the burglars are gaining access to the homes through unlocked doors and windows while the homeowners are sleeping, or forcing their way into the homes when nobody is home during the day.

    It's the second time over the past month that police are investigating a rash of similar crimes, including one incident where a car was stolen while the owner slept inside.

    Police say there's been 12 home burglaries since Aug. 29, half of those occuring while the residents slept, according to the newspaper.

    The burglars are targeting money, jewelry and electronic gadgets among other items.

    Manisha and Nilesh Kotari were two of the most recent victims of the burglars, making off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

    "It's very scary, just to think about the whole thing, that somebody's watching you," Manisha said.

    The couple admits leaving a door unlocked for a couple of hours.

    "I feel really insecure at the moment. The fact that it's happening in a safe neighborhood," Nilesh said.

    Police say the recent incidents have been confined to the south and southeast parts of the city.

    Anyone with information is asked to call police at police at 630-420-6666.