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Midday Stampede: What Will The Bulls Look Like Without Rose?

How Tom Thibodeau handles the minutes on his new roster this season is anyone's guess



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    Tom Thibodeau will have his hands full figuring out the minutes and rotations of his newly built roster this season until Derrick Rose returns to action.

    The biggest Bulls question heading into the new season is what the rotations will be like for the team without Derrick Rose. Who will start? Who’s coming off the bench? Who’s going to close the game? How many minutes will each player get? 

    Of course we won’t know anything until the season opens and we get a chance to see how Tom Thibodeau manages his new roster, but it’s a safe bet to assume it’ll be a fluid situation for Thibs early on as he gets a feel for the unfamiliar faces on the roster, as well as their abilities and where they excel given the situation.
    The beauty of being a fan is we get to speculate on these sorts of things and put ourselves in the coach’s seat and manage the team our way.
    Whatever happens, it goes without saying that Thibodeau must have his team ready to compete hard, especially on defense, and any success the Bulls experience with Derrick Rose out won't be based on offense.