Memorial Statue Stolen from School

The statue honors students who died from cancer

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    NBC Chicago
    "The Wall of Courage" statue, now missing from Todd Hall Elementary School in Lincolnwood.

    A memorial statue at an elementary school in Lincolnwood was stolen this week.

    The bronze-colored statue of two children reading a book was dedicated in 2004 after two students died of cancer in 2004, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Students collected pennies to pay for the memorial in honor of their classmates.

    An employee at Todd Hall Elementary School noticed the statue was missing on Monday. School officials say they think someone may have stolen it to make money from it, but the statue doesn't have any monetary value, according to the Sun-Times.

    The school hopes whoever took the statue will return it soon. If it doesn't turn up in a few months the school will replace it or find something equally meaningful.

    Police are asking anyone with information about the missing statue to call at (847) 673-2167.