Man With 106 Arrests Nabbed For Robbery

Michael Woods was arrested Tuesday for allegedly trying to steal from a handicapped victim

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    Michael Woods, 52, was arrested Tuesday for robbing a handicapped victim.

    A man with 106 prior arrests was taken into custody again on Tuesday.

    Michael Woods, 52, of the 900 block of Wilson Avenue was arrested for allegedly trying to steal from a handicapped victim, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Woods and a second offender allegedly tried stealing $60 from the disabled victim on the 1000 block of West Lawrence Avenue. While the second offender fled the scene, Woods battered two witnesses who restraining him until police arrived, according to News Affairs Police Officer Darryl Baety.  

    He then fought with police when they arrived, Baety said. The victim was not injured.

    Woods was charged with one felony count of robbery of a handicap victim and two misdemeanor counts of battery causing bodily harm and resisting police officers.

    Woods is a convicted felon whose 106 previous arrests include narcotics-related arrests, theft, panhandling and criminal trespassing, according to Baety.

    The second suspect has not been detained.