Man Sentenced for Killing Girlfriend's Family

D'Andre Howard gets three life prison terms without parole for 2009 murders

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    D'Andre D. Howard, was a 20-year-old man with a history of mental illness and criminal arrests when he was charged with killing Amanda Englehardt's father, sister and grandmother.

    A suburban Chicago man was sentenced to three life prison terms without parole for the 2009 stabbing deaths of his girlfriend's father, sister and grandmother.

    D'Andre Howard was also sentenced Wednesday to 60 years for attempted murder.

    Authorities said Howard got into an argument with girlfriend Amanda Engelhardt at their apartment when he confronted her over suspicions she was cheating on him. The two argued again the next night at her family's Hoffman Estates home, triggering the murder spree.

    Howard was convicted of killing 57-year-old Alan Engelhardt, 18-year-old Laura Engelhardt and 73-year-old Marlene Gacek.

    Howard testified he heard voices and sirens in the lead-up to the crime. And his attorneys in final arguments said Howard thought angels and demons were "battling over his soul."

    Prosecutors called the assertions "nonsense."