Man Pleads Not Guilty in Bomb Plot Case | NBC Chicago

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Bomb Plot Case

Senakiewicz threatened to blow up a train overpass: Prosecutors



    Sabastian Senakiewicz

    A Chicago man pleaded not guilty Tuesday on charges of falsely making a terrorist threat .

    Prosecutors say Sebastian Senakiewicz, 24, threatened to blow up a train overpass during May's NATO Summit, and that he boasted he was determined to use a car full of explosives during the summit, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    When police arrested Senakiewicz in May, they looked for weapons in his residence they did not find any bombs.

    Any statements Senakiewicz might have made seemed to be mere "drunken bluster" his attorney Melinda Power told the Tribune last month.

    He remains in jail in lieu of $750,000 bond.

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