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Man Allegedly Orders Pizza with Stolen Card

Arrested by undercover police



    Skokie police officers disguised as pizza delivery men arrested a Chicago man last week after he allegedly used a stolen credit card number to order food,TribLocal reports.

    William Peppers, 31, allegedly ordered $51.25 worth of pizza, wings and soda from Edwardo's Pizza with a card number that a police report says belonged to a woman in Alaska. The manager that received the order over the phone realized the number was stolen and called police, according to TribLocal.

    Authorities borrowed Edwardo's Pizza jackets and a sign to put on top of their unmarked car. They delivered the order to Peppers, who signed the credit card receipt. Officers then arrested Peppers. 

    Peppers was charged with felony forgery, TribLocal reports. He is scheduled to appear in the Skokie courthouse Tuesday.