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Man Arrested For Mouthing Expletive to Drew Peterson

Jeff Ruby said he was arrested at Harrah's and charged with indirect contempt of court

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    Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby was arrested Thursday after he admitted to mouthing an expletive to Drew Peterson during a courtroom break.

    Ruby, who hasn't been shy about blasting Peterson's defense, said he was charged with indirect contempt of court after the incident and later released.

    "He should have talked to his lawyer," said defense attorney Joel Brodsky, who told reporters it was a mistake for Ruby to confess his actions to TV cameras. "That's not very smart."

    A sheriff's officer told reporters an independent witness saw Ruby lock eyes with Peterson and mouth two words to him. "The first word began with the letter 'f'.'"

    Jeff Ruby Goes Off On Drew Peterson Defense

    [CHI] Jeff Ruby Goes Off On Drew Peterson Defense
    Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby talks to media after he was tossed from a Will County courtroom for mouthing a two-word expletive to Drew Peterson.

    Ruby, a self-proclaimed victims' advocate who has shown up at the Will County Courthouse for several days in a large coach bus, was escorted out of the courtroom.

    When asked by NBC Chicago, he initially denied it. "He's going to get away with murder," Ruby yelled, "And I'm the one in trouble."

    During the court's lunch break he admitted mouthing the curse.

    "I really thought about giving him a mouth full of missing teeth," Ruby said. "I really did."

    "If you can't take care of things legally, and he's never been taken care of legally, you take care of them physically where I come from in Jersey."

    NBC Chicago has reporters in the Will County Courthouse for the trial. During proceedings, follow along with our Drew Peterson Trial Live Blog or follow @bjlutz on Twitter.