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Man Claiming to Be Cop Tried to Lure Boys: Police



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    Police have arrested a man they say claimed to be a cop when a mother questioned why he called her sons over to his van.

    James M. Pochervina, 32, was driving a silver van around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, when he pulled to the other side of the road to stop and talk to two boys in the 2300 block of Richmond Street, Cmdr. Brian Benton said.

    “The 9- and 5-year-old boys were playing in the driveway when he called them over, while their mother was sitting inside a parked car,” Benton said. “Before Pochervina could speak to them, she asked him what he wanted and he said he ‘was going to ask if they’d seen someone wearing a Michael Myers ‘Halloween’ mask.’”

    Pochervina was holding a walkie-talkie and the woman asked if he was a police officer, she reported.

    “She asked to see a badge, but he said he was undercover and couldn’t show her, then sped away,” Benton said.

    The mother called 911 and Pochervina was stopped by tactical officers who were in the area “because there have been recent reports of a suspicious van hanging out,” Benton said.

    Pochervina, of 2706 Caddy Lane, was booked into the county jail on charges of luring a child, impersonating a police officer and disorderly conduct.