Man Lied About How He Found $17K

Robert J. Adams says he never considered not returning the money

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    Daily Herald
    Robert J. Adams said he found $17,021 on the street near a Chase ATM in Rolling Meadows.

    Remember the Arlington Heights man who found a bag of money outside a bank and returned it?

    Turns out, Robert J. Adams, 54, lied about how and where he found the $17,021, according to the Daily Herald.

    Adams originally claimed he found the money near a Chase ATM in Rolling Meadows. He said he noticed a plastic bag full of money on the ground and went inside the bank branch to see if it was theirs. It didn't belong to them, and police determined the cash was meant for another ATM in South suburban Midlothian, under the care of Loomis armored truck company.

    But that's not exactly the truth, according to the Daily Herald.

    A police investigation and review of video surveillance showed Adams actually found the money in Midlothian. Instead of returning the money there, he drove to Rolling Meadows.

    Adams told the paper he doesn't know why he didn't just go inside and turn in the money. He said maybe it was the heat, the traffic or “the one side of my brain” that's “a little Blagojevich-like.”

    He says he never considered not returning the money.

    Police, who continued their investigation to find out how the money got from Midlothian to Rolling Meadows, fined him for $500.

    Adams paid up and apologized. During the three weeks since finding the money, he accepted praises from people around the world, as well as small gifts and even accolades from a nun.

    With the true story out, Adams told the paper he's considering returning the gifts and explaining things to the nun.