Lupe, Kanye Support "Occupy', the 99 Percent

Kanye marched with Occupy Wall Street protesters, while Lupe has donated goods and supplies to other 'Occupy' groups

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    Lupe Fiasco donated tents and supplies to 'Occupy' protesters in Denver and Oakland.

    "We are the 99 percent!"

    It's a chant that began in a Lower Manhattan park and has spread to cities across the country. It's the cry of a movement headed by those who have seen their standard of living erode as the nation's wealth is concentrated in the bank accounst of the wealthiest 1 percent.

    Well, unless you're multi-platinum rap superstars Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. The Chicago-born rappers have thrown their support behind the "Occupy" movement, despite being part of the wealthiest one percent.

    Kanye--the very same who creatively remodeled a Maybach for a recent music video--showed up, gold chains and all, to Zuccotti Park Monday and marched alongside other Occupy Wall Street protesters with producer Russell Simmons.

    Occupy Chicago, Unions Team Up

    [CHI] Occupy Chicago, Unions Team Up
    Chicago anti-Wall Street protesters marched with labor unions Monday in a joint effort to demand jobs for the masses.

    While touring to promote his recent album "Lasers", Lupe has left a torrent of Tweets supporting 'Occupy' protesters in Denver, Oakland and San Francisco.

    Lupe donated tents, food and other supplies to the protesters and wrote a poem titled "Moneyman" identifying with the "Occupy" cause.

    He said in a statement:

    "I plan on supporting the #Occupy movement from now forward in whatever capacity I can. In the short term I plan on giving my total focus to both #occupyChicago and #occupyLA but I am making myself available to any and all #Occupy movements no matter the size or circumstance. I hope the #Occupy movement becomes institutional and a permanent fixture of the social and political landscape of America. God willing.”