Lincoln Park Zoo Seeks Help Naming Zebra

Baby zebra born Thursday

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    Lincoln Park Zoo
    The unnamed newborn is the second offspring for parents Adia and Clayton.

    UPDATE: Baby Zebra Named After Online Voting

    A baby zebra at the Lincoln Park Zoo is in need of a name and you can have a hand in picking his moniker.

    The Grevy zebra colt was born on Thursday at the zoo, the second offspring for parents Adia and Clayton.

    A survey is up on the zoo's Web site, and they're trying to decide between four Swahili names:

    • Hanisi, meaning "born on Thursday"
    • Akili, meaning "clever"
    • Kito, meaning "jewel"
    • Daktari, meaning "doctor, healer"

    Adia has been pregnant for more than a year, typical of zebras, but it hasn't taken long for the little one to get moving. Zebras are able to stand almost immediately after birth and can run within an hour.

    The new zebra won't be available for public viewing until it gets some bonding time with his mother.

    The grevy species is endangered in eastern Africa and the largest zebras, weighing up to 900 pounds as adults.

    Voting on the new name ends next week.