Kangaroo Joeys Emerge At Brookfield Zoo

10- and 11-month-old joeys recently emerged from their moms' pouches

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    Brookfield Zoo
    A nearly 11-month-old male kangaroo joey explores his new surroundings at Brookfield Zoo’s Australia House exhibit.

    File this under cute alert, Aussie style.

    Two kangaroo joeys born at Brookfield Zoo last February and March recently emerged from their moms' pouches and are now hopping around at the Brookfield Zoo. Up until the last couple of months the 10- and 11-month-old joeys spent most of their time close to their moms, 7 1/2-year-old Daisy and 11-year-old Sheila.

    Brookfield Zoo animal experts say the babies are now exploring their outdoor home at the zoo's Australia House exhibit.

    The zoo says kangaroo joeys will stick close to their moms until 18 months because though the babies are too big for the pouch, they will continue to nurse.

    A joey typically stays in the pouch for nine months after birth and keeps nursing for nine more months after it leaves the pouch.