Prosecutors Drops Charges Against Christopher Kelly

The Blagojevich trial begins in June.

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    Christopher Kelly allegedly committed suicide nearly two weeks ago.

    Prosecutors in the Blagojevich corruption trial today dismissed charges against former fundraiser Christopher Kelly.

    This was the first time attorneys were in court since Kelly committed suicide more than a week ago by ingesting pills.

    Kelly was under pressure to testify in the trial of the former governor before his death. He pleaded guilty in two previous federal corruption cases earlier this year, but refused to finger Blagojevich for wrong doing.

    "He refused to come in here and say that Gov. Blagojevich did anything," Sam Adam Jr., a Blago lawyer said.
    "In fact, he did the opposite. ... He is on the record saying the governor has done no wrong."

    Prosecutors said that he will still play a role in the trial becaused his voice can be heard on the sealed federal wire tap tapes of the former governor.

    The Blagojevich trial begins in June.

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