Judge Refuses To Dole Out Partial Lottery Prize To Bakers

Twelve workers won $118 million in Mega Millions lottery, but seven others claim they were squeezed out

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    A Cook County judge has refused to pay any money to a group of Chicago Heights bakery workers who hit a record lottery jackpot last year.

    Twelve workers from Pita Pan Bakery have possession of a Mega Millions ticket worth $118 million, but they can't cash it in. That's because seven of their coworkers are suing them over the money.

    The seven contend they were squeezed out of the office pool which they all routinely play.

    Attorneys for the larger group said those in possession of the ticket should receive some of the winnings now and put aside the rest in the event the lawsuits are won.

    The judge ruled everyone must wait for the outcome of the lawsuits before collecting any cash.

    Each of the 12 winners stands to take home $7.2 million if the lawsuits are lost, attorneys say. Otherwise they would win $4.8 million each.