Jon Burge Case: Detective McDermott Testifies

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    John Burge walks out of federal court after jury selection in his perjury trial.

    As the perjury trial for former police commander Jon Burge drags on, explosive testimony is expected, again.

    Federal prosecutors say Michael McDermott will likely testify Monday that his then-supervisor suffocated and threatened a suspect with a gun in 1985. 

    The government has granted McDermott immunity from prosecution as long as he testifies truthfully.

    McDermott has said he disagrees with the decision to charge Burge.
    Burge is accused of lying in a civil suit when he denied seeing or participating in the torture of suspects.
    Prosecutors have said McDermott will testify that Burge suffocated Shadeed Mu'min and put a gun into his mouth.
    Mu'min is also scheduled to testify.

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