Indiana Woman Finds $4K in Cash, Turns it Into Police

Woman who turned in the money said it "was the right thing to do"

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    Northwestern Indiana police say a young woman who's pregnant and in need of money found $4,000 in a parking lot but turned it over to police.

    Merrillville Sgt. Bob Morgan said the woman turned the money in July 5, telling officers it "was the right thing to do."

    Man Who Turned in Cash Gets New Smile

    [CHI] Man Who Turned in Cash Gets New Smile
    Wayne Sabaj, an unemployed carpenter, turned in $150,000 to police that he found in his garden. Elite Dental wanted to reward his honesty by giving him a new smile. (Published Monday, Oct. 24, 2011)

    Morgan says that after The Times of Munster ran a story about the money, an older Crown Point woman told police the money had fallen out of her pocket.

    The cash was returned to her after she told officers the precise amount of the cash, the denomination of the bills and produced a receipt from the check she cashed to get the money.

    She told police she intends to give the woman who found the money a reward.