Indiana Teen Attempts to Break Record With 30-Day Flight Around the World | NBC Chicago

Indiana Teen Attempts to Break Record With 30-Day Flight Around the World



    A 17-year-old pilot from Indiana and his father are attempting to make a potentially record-breaking trip around the world.

    The two began their journey on June 19 out of Indianapolis, NBC News reported.

    If the duo succeeds, the teen pilot, Haris Suleman, would become the youngest pilot in command to fly across the globe in 30 days with one other person on board. A 19-year-old Australian holds the record for the youngest person to travel the globe in a single-engine plane solo.

    The teen has already experienced some issued early in his quest, with reported engine problems after takeoff, icy condition in the air over Canada and no deicing fluid and fueling delays in the United Arab Emirates.

    The pair, however, landed safely last week in Karachi, Pakistan, making them through one-third of their 26,000-mile journey.

    Suleman said the goal is to raise $1 million through his quest. Two donors have reportedly offered to give enough money to build two new schools in Suleman’s native Pakistan.

    Suleman’s father has been flying since 2001, but Suleman only started last summer after his father purchased a sex-seat Beechcraft Bonanza. He earned his pilot’s license in June.

    The two took a survival course to prepare for the trip.

    “I know that things can go wrong — and they do go wrong,” Babar Suleman, Haris' father, told NBC News.

    The duo is set to return to Indiana on July 22.