Indiana Students Suspended for Seeing Topless Photo of Teacher

The photo was taken with the teacher's iPhone and synched with the school-issued iPad

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    Think the Apple iCloud is the best thing to happen to technology? A middle school teacher in Anderson, Ind., may disagree.

    Four Highland Middle School students were playing a game on a school-issued iPad during class, when one of the students pressed a button and a topless photo of their teacher popped up, reported NBC affiliate KSDK.

    The photo had been taken with the teacher's iPhone and synched with the iPad, the report said.

    Assistant Superintendent Beth Clark told KSDK the technology policy stated in the school district's handbook was followed and what happened was an accident.

    Nevertheless, the school suspended the students and threatened expulsion for seeing the photo, according to the report.

    The school district told KSDK they took preventative action against the teacher but would not elaborate further. She still remains on the staff, the report said.

    A mother of one of the students is calling for the school to dismiss the teacher and reinstate the students, said the report. The mother and her son argue it was the teacher's fault for having the photo in the first place.

    Parents will have the chance to appeal the school's decision, the report said.