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Indiana Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong

A man asked his girlfriend to marry him and when she said no, he fired a gun at her, according to reports

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    An Indiana man allegedly fired gunshots at his girlfriend after she denied his marriage proposal.

    Robert Allen Kleman, 29, is facing three counts of criminal recklessness in Lake Superior court, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

    Reports indicate someone called police after they heard shots fired in the 300 block of North Colorado Street in Hobart, Ind.

    When police arrived, Kleman first told them that a friend who was visiting him dropped a gun and caused it to go off, according to the paper.

    But Kleman's girlfriend denies that claim.

    The woman told police Kleman asked her to marry him and when she said no, he got angry. She said her boyfriend then pulled out a gun, pointed it over her head and fired several shots, according to the paper.