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Indiana Man Charged with Impersonating Officer

The man allegedly used a cell phone app to try and pull over a driver



    Fabio Bindel

    A Valparaiso man accused of trying to pull over a driver with a cell phone app mimicking police lights faces felony charges for impersonating a police officer, the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

    Fabio Bindel, 30, of Valparaiso was stopped by Porter County police after a driver reported a suspicious vehicle trying to pull her over near County Road 500 West, according to the paper.

    The driver said the car flashed red and blue lights from the upper windshield area, but she didn't believe the Pontiac GTO was a police car.

    Bindel denied it, saying he has no lights like that. Police found a cell phone in the car with an app called Police Car that flashes red and blue lights.

    Bindel also faces DUI charges.