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Illinois Senators Want LSD Safety Review

Senators Durbin and Kirk wrote a letter to federal officials asking for a review of Lake Shore Drive's safety



    Paul Fichter

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    Illinois Senators want to improve safety along Lake Shore Drive to avoid another mess like the one caused by the blizzard.

    U.S Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk say last week's problems would've been worse if lake water levels weren't at a 20-year low.

    "We are afraid that wave action could not only destroy the beach, but also might cause damage in the future with heavy storms on Lake Shore Drive," Democrat senator Dick Durbin said Sunday at a press conference along the Drive.

    "I think this is a worth while effort, taking a lesson from 2011 and making sure that we plan ahead," Republican senator Mark Kirk said.

    Durbin and Kirk wrote a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Secretary of Transportation asking for help to fill five gaps along the shoreline, where storms could cause more serious damage in the future.

    The Senators say increasing green space is one way to prevent water from splashing beyond the bike path.