Illinois Pup to Appear on 'Chicago Fire'

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    The fire specialist Smokey the Dog is collecting accolades while preparing for a spot on an episode of a major television drama.

    Friday was "Smokey the Dog Day" — as proclaimed by Gov. Pat Quinn.

    The Jacksonville, Ill., fire department dog will appear this season on NBC's "Chicago Fire" after winning a "Top Dog" competition on the "Today" show.

    Filming for the program began this week and concludes in May. It's unclear when the 4-year-old Labrador retriever mix will appear.

    "Chicago Fire" Season 2 Begins

    [CHI] "Chicago Fire" Season 2 Begins
    Plot lines begin where last season's ended in the second season of "Chicago Fire." LeeAnn Trotter reports.

    Smokey works to train Jacksonville children to "stop, drop and roll" — primarily Kindergarteners through 3rd-graders.

    Firefighters rescued Smokey as a puppy from a 2009 house fire. Now she lives in a substation.

    Fire Prevention Week was established to commemorate the Oct. 8, 1871 Great Chicago Fire.