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Hyde Park Academy High Changed Thousands of Grades: Report

Five classes got blanket A's




    President Barack Obama and his education secretary, Arne Duncan, like to tout the merits of their innovative “Race to the Top” schools initiative.

    But it appears some student’s in Obama’s old neighborhood got a head start in said race, according to a special report from the Sun-Times.

    Hyde Park Academy High last year inflated more than 2,000 grades by at least on letter, and at least 870 Fs were changed to passing grades by teachers.  Its not the first time Chicago schools have been in trouble for grade inflation.

    Numerous allegations came out about the practice in 2009.

    In one of the worst instances the students of five new teachers received A’s as a rule because they had to deal with nearly an entire scholastic quarter with substitute teachers.

    But that’s not the end of it.

    Multiple Chicago schools changed grades, according to the Sun-Times report, but Hyde Park was the most egregious.

    Officials speculate its because the school is on academic probation and wants to avoid federal penalties for underperforming.

    Read the nitty gritty in the Sun-Times’ special report.