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Hundreds of Dead Fish Surface in Glen Ellyn Pond

Reason for So Many Deaths Unknown



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    Something fishy's going on in west suburban Glen Ellyn.

    Hundreds of dead fish surfaced in a small subdivision pond called Maryknoll just east of I-355, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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    Neighbors first noticed the floating fish carcasses a few days ago in the pond that links to several other ponds in Glen Ellyn and Lisle by a stream.

    No one knows why the fish are dying, but residents say the smell is awful.

    This is the second time in as many months bizarre fish deaths were reported in the Chicago area.  

    Thousands of dead gizzard shad, a fish from the herring family, were found floating in Diversey and DuSable harbors in Chicago in January.

    The Maryknoll Estates homeowner’s association is asking environmental officials to investigate the mass fish deaths.

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