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Grayslake Restricts Spray Paint Sales

New local law brought on by graffiti complaints in the village



    In hopes of reducing the amount of graffiti in Grayslake, a new local law restricts the sales of spray paint and wide-tipped markers within town limits.

    The law, which became effective this month, prohibits anyone under the age of 18 to buy spray paint or markers 3/8-inch and wider unless accompanied by an adult, according to the Daily Herald.

    Adult supervision also is required for minors in possession of either item.

    Grayslake isn't the first Chicago area town to adopt the law. Round Lake Beach, Mundelein and Round Lake Park all have similar ordinances to help prevent graffiti and other vandalism, according to the Daily Herald.

    While only one local hardware store in Grayslake has had a rule of not selling spray paint or makers to anyone younger than 18, they all now must adopt this policy.