Grammar Police Criticize Greg Maddux HOF Plaque

Description on plaque uses "less" instead of "fewer"

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    Greg Maddux's Hall of Fame plaque has provoked a discussion on the proper usage of "fewer" and "less."

    Baseball fans have found something to debate when it comes to Greg Maddux's Hall of Fame induction, and it has nothing to do with his stats.

    The Cooperstown plaque for the former Braves and Cubs pitcher has provoked a social media debate over grammar.

    As the Chicago Tribune pointed out Wednesday, the description describes Maddux as the "only hurler with ... less than 1,000 walks," when it should read "fewer than 1,000 walks."

    "Fewer" should be used when referring to plural things that can be counted, while "less" should be used when referring to something that has no plural or cannot be counted.

    "Fewer" is the proper usage for objects that can be counted one-by-one, and "less" should be used for qualities or quantities that cannot be counted individually. (For example: "I have fewer dollars and less money.")

    Or if all else fails, just call up your old English teacher.