Goose Gives Birth to Six Goslings on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Brings Gosling Birth

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    As locals enjoyed their egg hunts and church services Easter Sunday, those at the Mother House for Sisters of Saint Casimir enjoyed their own version of an egg-filled event. They watched the birth of six goslings to a Canadian goose in their garden.

    "The Mother House for Sisters of Saint Casimir became a residence for the goose just a few short weeks ago," explains Marketing Manager Ted Lally. The goose traveled from its spot in Marquette Park across the street to the house on 2701 block of West 68th Street.

    She took up residence in a 4-feet-high flower pot, and kept company with a Drake who fancied the her.

    On Easter, the mother goose gave birth to six goslings as the sisters watched. They all laughed as the Drake fled the scene.

    After only 24 hours, the goslings and their mother almost instinctively jumped the four-feet-high flower pot to head back to the park.

    "It's amazing how strong they are to jump four-feet high after only 24 hours of living," Lally said.

    A hospital public safety officer escorted the geese safely across to their waiting Drake dad.