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Getaway Car Crashes into Police Car

3 men charged with Home invasion crash into police cars



    3 men charged with Home Invasion crash their car into two police cars

    Police say that 3 men who crashed their into two police cars chasing them after a reported home invasion have been charged.

    Randy Johnson, 26, Cashell Williams, 31, and Terrance Weatherspoon, 24, were all charged with two counts of home invasion with a firearm on the Southside.

    According to the news release, police first heard shots fired near 69th and Harper and then robbery victim flagged them down.  As the police pursued the suspects, Williams, the driver, crashed the car into the police cars.  No injuries were reported.

    In addition to the charges of home invasion, Williams was also charged with aggravated fleeing from police, disobeying a stop sign and failure to carry a driver's license.  Meanwhile, Johnson has been charged with possession of marijuana.