High School Locker Room Burglarized After Football Team's Loss

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    Foreman High School students talk about the upset of finding their locker room burglarized after a home game Friday.

    It was a series of unfortunate events for Edwin G. Foreman High School football players Friday night after the Hornets lost to Raby 53-3 at Hanson Stadium and returned to find their locker room vandalized and burgled.

    The theft happened at the stadium on the 5500 block of West Fullerton, according to authorities. It's the home stadium for Foreman High School.

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    The players said at halftime everything was fine, but when they returned to the locker room after losing the game they found the lights off, their lockers open and their belongings gone.

    The team’s head coach Peter Grazzini said the players were visibly upset after the game.

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    The team discovered their cell phones, iPads, wallets, money, school I.D.s and even clothes were stolen.

    “I just pray they get caught,” said Foreman football player Mamadou Barry. “They planned it out definitely.”

    Grazzini said this has never happened before.

    “It's sickening to think that student athletes are being targeted for crime,” Grazzini said. “They’re out there trying to bring highlights to Chicago Public Schools, to Foreman, and then they’re being targeted."

    Grazzini says moving forward he'll have players leave their valuables with school staff during the games.

    Chicago Police said they are investigating the incident. The team and officials are asking anyone with information to contact the school or police and help them recover what's been stolen.