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Family Thanks Hero For Saving Man After Tornado



    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013)

    More than a few tears were shed Tuesday when a Washington, Ill., man met the family of man he saved moments after Sunday's tornado.

    Roger Giles and his daughter were sitting on a couch watching TV when the tornado hit, picking them both up and tossing them several feet away.

    "They were both laying right by each other," Giles' sister-in-law, Keri Gillis, said. "She ran out in road to flag somebody down."

    She managed to flag down Kris Warren, who was driving by the School Street home minutes after the tornado.

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    Warren immediately sprang into action when he saw Giles pinned under debris.

    "I wanted to make sure he was not critically hurt," Warren said. "I sent somebody to get the  paramedics, and I stayed with him and made sure he was physically  OK."

    Thanks to Warren, the paramedics were able to get Giles to a Peoria hospital, where he's still recovering.

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    "He has a fractured him and shattered his femur, so he's already had one surgery and they put a bar in his leg," Gillis, said.

    Doctors say Giles will recover just fine, but despite having their home destroyed, his family is thankful.

    "God bless you for stopping and helping," Gillis told Giles during their emotional meeting.

    "I just wanted to stop to see if this guy made it. If he was OK," Giles said. "It makes me feel good. I'd heard that somebody around his age passed away, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't him."