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Evidence Sealed in Alleged Huffing Case: Report

Carly Rousso, 18, was charged in the Labor Day crash that killed a 5-year-old girl



    Carly Rousso (Inset: Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento)

    All evidence was sealed Thursday in connection with a Highland Park teen accused in a Labor Day crash that injured a family and killed a 5-year-old girl, according to local reports. 

    Carly Rousso's attorney told the Chicago Tribune the evidence was sealed to ensure the teen gets a fair trial

    Accused Huffer Pleads Not Guilty to Fatal Crash

    [CHI] Accused Huffer Pleads Not Guilty to Fatal Crash
    Prosecutors say Carly Rousso inhaled dangerous chemicals and drove the family car into a family as they walked on the sidewalk on Labor Day. Kim Vatis reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    Rousso, 18, was charged with driving under the influence of a compound commonly found in cleaning products when her car jumped a curb in September and plowed into a family walking on the sidewalk.

    Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento was killed, and the girl's mother and two brothers were injured in the crash. Rousso was charged with two counts of reckless homicide and four counts of aggravated driving under the influence.

    Police said toxicology reports showed a compound called Difluoroethane was detected in Rousso's blood. Difluoroethane is commonly found in cleaning air cans, which have been linked to huffing, the practice of inhaling the contents of the cans to get high.

    Rousso pleaded not guilty last week to all charges. Her trial date was set for Feb. 1.

    Lake County Prosecutor Ken Larue said Rousso could face four to 26 years if convicted on all counts.