East Coast Storm Kills Nearly 60 Chicago Flights | NBC Chicago

East Coast Storm Kills Nearly 60 Chicago Flights

More than 60 flights canceled



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    Freakin' snow.

    The hurricane-like snow storm that's currently hammering the East Coast is affecting Chicago, too.

    O'Hare airport has canceled 50 flights, and Midway has canceled close to a dozen, according to the Department of Aviation.

    It's nothing compared to the likes of New York City where more than 1,000 flights have been canceled flights. That's the least of their concerns, however.

    More than 220,000 homes and businesses from New York City to the Mohawk Valley were without power Friday as utility crews struggled to repair a second round of damage caused by the latest storm to pummel the Northeast.

    Most of the outages were in a three-county region in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, where many customers had their power restored after this week's first storm only to have it knocked out again.