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Drew Peterson Movie Premiere Snags Record Viewers

5.8 million watched "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" on Saturday



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    Kaley Couco and Rob Lowe star in the new Lifetime Original Movie "Drew Peterson: Untouchable."

    "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" proved to be a made-for-TV hit when it premiered Saturday on the Lifetime Movie Network.

    The movie, based on the true story of the former Bolingbrook police officer, grabbed 5.8 million viewers, a record on the network, according to the Chicago Tribune. That was enough to make "Untouchable" cable's most-watched original movie in two years since Lifetime's "The Pregnancy Pact" in 2010.

    The movie, starring Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco, focuses on Peterson's life leading up to his 2009 arrest on charges that he murdered his third wife.

    The real Drew Peterson reportedly found the movie "hysterical." Meanwhile, the family members of Peterson's missing fourth wife told the Tribune the film was "far-fetched and off the mark."