Downers Grove Woman's Lost Ring Found In Arkansas

The wedding ring was accidentally shipped across the country

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    A Downers Grove woman's wedding ring was accidentally shipped to Arkansas.

    When Barb Kasang realized she lost her wedding ring, the last place she expected it to be was in transit traveling across state lines.

    The Downers Grove resident who works at the shipping department of Lovejoy realized the ring was missing on June 3, according to Chicago Tribune.

    Kasang and her husband Steve have been married for 28 years, and to celebrate the anniversaries, he had the ring fixed and add new stones.  

    When she discovered the ring was gone, Kasang began her search at Lovejoy before reporting it missing.

    After letting her office manager know what she was looking for, an unexpected call came in from a salesman in Little Rock, Ark.

    Steve Smith said he found the ring while going through a package he had ordered and shipped through the company. Smith immediately sent the ring back and reunited the missing item with Kasang.