Coyote Cruises Over to City High School

Animal captured, taken to wildlife facility

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    A coyote gets too close for comfort within the city limits.

    Suburban coyote sightings are quite common, but more than a few eyebrows were raised Monday when one of the animals showed up near a high school.

    The coyote was spotted soaking up the sun on the football field at Luther Northern High School in the Portage Park neighborhood.

    "Didn't he know this was Luther North Wildcat country?" neighbor Matt Miklase joked.

    The animal scampered away when police and animal control officers arrived, but it was eventually cornered, captured and transferred to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation in Barrington, currently home to five recovering coyotes.

    It's the second coyote sighting in the past year, and officials believe food left out for squirrels may be attracting them to the area.

    "It imprints the animal to a certain place to get food instead of tracking food as he normally should be doing," said Cherie Travis, director of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

    Despite what seems like more sightings over the years, wildlife officials say the animals are still mostly staying in the woods.