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Court Deputy Hit Highway Worker on Ramp

Judge ordered traffic school as "refresher course"



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    Saving a life is more important than saving time.

    Saving a life is more important than saving time.

    That's the lesson a Cook County court deputy will be learning in traffic school after he hit a highway worker, reports the Sun-Times.

    On September 2, Tony Lampkin swerved to avoid a car that had stopped unexpectedly at a traffic signal on an outbound Eisenhower Expressway ramp, he testified.

    But according to Anarbol Avalos—the driver of the stopped car—the light turned red, so he stopped. He noted that Lampkin was driving too fast and tried to cut around Avalos' vehicle.

    Rude drivers on the Eisenhower? Color us shocked.

    Highway worker Michael Ochoa was on the ramp, checking the signal, and also testified in court on Lampkin's high speed, according to the Sun-Times.

    When Lampkin went around Avalos' stopped car, not only did he hit the car, but he also ran over the traffic signal and hit Ochoa, both Avalos and Ochoa said in court.

    Fortunately, Ochoa only suffered minor injuries.

    Lampkin was found guilty of reckless driving and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, reports the Sun-Times.

    The judge, saying Lampkin needed "a refresher course in driving," ordered him to attend eight hours of traffic school and pay a $500 fine.

    Remember folks, it's the expressway, not the Autobahn.

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