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Tourists Thank Strangers For Act of Kindness

An elderly couple visiting Chicago was surprised by the generosity of a couple who helped them find their hotel after being lost



    Tourists Thank Strangers For Act of Kindness
    Elderly tourists were surprised by the generosity of two Chicagoans that paid for a cab to bring the lost couple back to their hotel.

    When Irma and William Stockton look back on their recent Chicago visit, the city's busy streets and bustling shopping areas aren't what comes to mind.

    The couple, visiting last weekend from southern Maryland, instead remembers being the recipients of what they call an “incredibly moving thing,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

    The elderly couple got off at the wrong bus stop on the way to their hotel and quickly became lost, the Tribune reports.


    Irma Stockton, 80, saw a young couple walking by and reportedly stopped them in hopes they were locals. 
    The woman used her iPhone to track where the Stocktons' hotel was located and pointed them in the right direction, saying it was only half-mile away.

    Two blocks later the two strangers realized the walk was much farther than they thought. So they caught up with the couple, flagged them a cab and quietly paid the fare for their safe return to the Palmer House Hilton, according to the Tribune.

    Irma knew enough about cabs to question why the meter was off and the driver informed her that the fair was “taken care of,” the Tribune reported. She sent out this public thank you in hopes the couple might read it and know their generosity will not be forgotten.