Couple First To Marry In Cook County In 2013

Stephen Pyo and Angela McKinney snag first Cook County marriage license of year

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    Angela McKinney and Stephen Pyo were the first couple of 2013 to get married in Cook County. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013)

    They call it “love at second sight.”

    Stephen Pyo and his bride, Angela McKinney, were set up by mutual friends two years ago, and because they didn’t want to rush into anything, love at first sight sounded too urgent.

    They were the first couple of 2013 to get married in Cook County, getting their license around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and tying the knot less than an hour later.

    “We thought it was time to get married, we love each other so much,” Pyo said. “We want to start the New Year special.”

    Cook County Clerk David Orr officiated the ceremony and said it was his 22nd "first of the year" marriage.

    Besides the title of being the year's first couple, Pyo and McKinney received a gift basket including tickets to a play and a weekend stay at the Palmer House Hilton.

    The newlyweds hope to have a bigger ceremony down the road with a honeymoon. For now, Pyo said he has to return to work later in the afternoon.