Couple Attempts to Drive Off with Denver Boot

A couple attempted to drive away from their illegal parking space with a Denver boot attached to their car

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    Alejandro Alvarez and Carina Rios

    A Zion couple seemed to think that driving away would be the best way to solve the issue of the Denver boot attached to their car.

    But in the end, they didn't get very far.

    Carina Rios, 19, and Alejandro Alvarez, 22, were illegally parked near Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, and when they discovered the boot on their car, they tried to remove it.

    Once they realized it couldn't be removed, the couple pushed a parking employee out of the way and drove off with the boot attached, police told The Chicago Tribune.

    Police found the couple standing outside the car a short distance away. They were charged with theft.